Side Domains

Made by Ayush Pathak

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For Domain Buyers: Buy brandable domains from other makers who shelved their projects or never used them altogether. It has the following benefits for you

  • get naming inspiration
  • exclusive domains, not available anywhere else :)
  • No transaction fees
  • You may get it cheaper
  • You may get extra traffic from previous projects

For domain owners: Sell domains of your abandoned side projects to those who want them.

  • Make extra income
  • Put your domain to use
  • Listing is free Forever. No hidden fees.
  • I mean, why not?

Want more? Go Paid!

  • Reach them directly through our email list
  • Get a modern-looking landing page for your parked domain
  • We handle all the transactions
  • We take responsibility for the genuineness of the transactions
  • Your listing gets prioritised over others

All of this for just $5 per domain or $10/year for unlimited domains

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